What is a Brand Storyworld?

In marketing speak: We use brand story worlds to combine strategic brand management with traditional storytelling, a trans-media philosophy and state-of-the-art technology, all to create all-encompassing brand experiences.

In plain English: we create brand stories that people will want to experience in the here and now – in other words, user-relevant, interactive and dialog-based. We adapt these stories to your media habits to create stories that can be experienced and that delight consumers instead of annoying them.

Four things we do differently.

1. We are storymakers.

Storytelling? Storymaking? Why do we attach so much importance to this distinction? All too often, storytelling neglects to make the consumer part of the story. Instead, they are treated as a spectator or recipient. Storymaking, in contrast, is the art of creating interactive, dialog-oriented stories together with the consumer. This is why we do not make brands the storyteller, but rather a game master who is a narrator in your own brand landscape.

2. We seek out conflict.

Don’t worry, not with you. Advertising, of course, is quite keen on avoiding conflict. The result is the picture-perfect world of advertising we all know. And it’s unfortunately about as exciting as „Star Wars“ without Darth Vader.
Conflicts are not only an integral part of stories – they’re also the best opportunity for brands to take on social relevance. Or perhaps even to actually help make the world a better place.

3. We don’t think in media terms.

In our view, the web and social media are virtual extensions of reality and not just mere communications channels. We don’t tell the same story in each media format, instead telling a story that spans various media and giving each medium the role best suited to its individual benefits. For this reason, we’re always thinking about the story first. And then the media channel.

4. We’re able to let go.

First and foremost, a good brand narrative not only tells the story of the brand but that of its customers, too. This is why we integrate the target groups into the story from the very beginning. We let them be an active participant in how the story unfolds, tell their own stories or retell their own versions of our stories and do so in every dimension of the brand from communications, the story all the way through to service and product development. Letting go is hard. But it’s worth it.


What do we get?


It’s all you need, isn’t it? Brand Storyworlds connect brands and people on a deeply emotional level. It’s not about the sender and the receiver anymore, but rather about shared experiences. (Plus: the Inception story).


The one who yells is ignored. But the one who tells a good story…
An advertising philosopher would say: The concept of Brand Storyworlds is the most sustainable strategy to integrate brands into the cultural awareness of a modern world.


People need role models. And we know how to create them. Brand Storyworlds give brands a socially relevant attitude and thereby an emotional meaning in people’s lives.


Believe it or not, in a Brand Storyworld, brands and people meet as equals. The brand becomes tangible, touchable… authentic. Sometimes it’s just as simple as that.


Well okay, when it comes to business, you’ll need more than just love. In a nutshell: Brand Storyworlds promote brand-likeability and connection with the customer. Thus increasing sales, thereby increasing the value of the brand.

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